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Making an Impact on Refrigerant Emissions: Recycle or Destroy?

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SNAP Rules Struck Down, But States Step Up

Goals Matter

It's Hard Out Here for a PMP (Preventative Maintenance Program)

The Great Refrigerant Leak Conundrum:      AI & IOT

What is Success if You Don’t Know What’s Expected of You?

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The Birth of the Tier 1 Asset

Paper's the Past: HVAC/R Industry Trends and How They Affect You!

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The 15 Billion Ton Problem: The U.S. Refrigerant Recycling Market Fails to Stop Leaks

The Fine Line Between Reckless and Responsible

Golden State Good: The Fine Line Between Being a Good & Bad Owner of HVAC/R In California

CARB RMP Annual Report Filing Due 3/1

How to Start 2019 Compliant

5 Things HVAC/R teams need to know.

In less than two weeks new HVAC/R Regulations go into effect.

Are you ready for the new HVAC/R regulations that go into effect in 3 weeks?

HVAC News Roundup: Top 10 Stories of 2018

Trakref Comments on EPA's Proposal to Revise Section 608 Update

Numerous States Considering HFC Refrigerant Regulations

EPA HFC Phaseout Status After SNAP Rule 20 Lawsuit

HVAC News Roundup: Top 10 Stories of Sept/Oct 2018

Proposed California Refrigerant Law to Ban HFCs in Some Refrigeration End-Uses

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Phaseouts and Flammable Refrigerants: A Turning Point for Your Heating and Cooling Equipment

What We Learned at the 2018 FMI Energy & Store Development Conference in Atlanta

Your Responsibility to Manage Refrigerants Goes Beyond Regulations — Learn This And More At Refrigerant Impact Live

The Environmental Impact of Refrigerants

Introducing Refrigerant Impact Live: An Official Climate Week NYC Event

New Refrigerant Leak Reporting Requirements Take Effect Jan. 1, 2019

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How to Calculate Your Refrigerant Leak Rates Like A Pro

5 Surprising Things to Consider About Your Data Center Cooling Systems

Announcement: Ernest Glynn Joins Team, and We Have A New Software Solution to Meet SF6 Reporting Requirements

Commercial HVAC News Roundup - May 2018

Section 179 Deduction Now Includes HVAC Equipment Purchases

What is Refrigerant Management?

HVAC/R Industry Is Transitioning to Electronic Records, and We Can Look to the EPA 608 Update for Proof

EPA SNAP Publishes New Guidance Document After HFC Court Ruling, So We Have Some Certainty (At Least for a While)

Commercial HVAC News Roundup - April 2018

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Why Are So Few Talking About EPA's Withdrawal of SNAP Rule 22 on Flammable Hydrocarbon Refrigerants?

(Video) CARB's New Regulation on HFC Refrigerants

Have You Heard? California Adopts New HFC Regulation

3 Harsh Realities of the R22 Refrigerant Phase Out 

Release Notes March 2018 - Trakref 

CARB Refrigerant Compliance: 2 Basic Definitions You Need to Know

EPA Allowable Refrigerant Leak Rates Change Jan. 1, 2019 (And What to Do About It)

4 Popular Myths About California's Refrigerant Law and R3 Tool, Debunked 

What to Know About the New EPA Regulations on Refrigerant Leaks

HVAC News Roundup: Must-Read Stories on HFC Court Ruling PLUS California's Proposed Refrigerant Regulations

Here's What You're Missing from the Court Decision on HFC Bans

3 Big Questions to Ask About CARB's Refrigerant Management Program Enforcement

Get Your Records Ready—California Air Resources Board (CARB) Annual Refrigerant Management Reports Due March 1st

Why the New 5-50 Lbs Rule from the EPA 608 Update Matters More Than You Think

Jan. 1, 2018, Marks Compliance Date for New Refrigerant Regulations

What 2018 Has in Store for Your Building and HVAC Equipment — Including New Refrigerant Regulations

Trakref Year in Review: The Top 5 HVAC and Refrigerant Management Updates of 2017

California ARB Refrigerant Management Reporting Made Easy

30 Things Trakref Can Do for Your Energy Budget That Excel Can't

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New Refrigerant Regulations—Friend or Foe for Facility Managers?

Top 5 HVAC and Refrigerant Management Compliance Updates - Monthly Roundup

Join Us for a Webinar on New EPA Refrigerant Management Regulations | Thursday, November 16 at 1:00pm ET

10 Lessons About HVAC and Refrigerant Management We Learned from 10,000 Buildings

California May Adopt New Refrigerant Management Rules for HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment

What Refrigerants Are Acceptable to Use Now but Not in the Near Future?

HVAC News Roundup - September 2017

We're Featured in the September 2017 Issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business Magazine

New EPA Refrigerant Regulations – 6 Compliance Requirements to Know

HVAC News Roundup - August 2017

How to Be Ready for the New EPA Refrigerant Regulations Going Into Effect in 2018

How to Measure the Impact of Your HVAC/R Systems on Your Bottom Line

Meet Our Summer Intern!

What You Don't Want to Miss in Your Summer Maintenance: Preventing Legionnaires' Disease

The absolute best way to prepare for the R22 phase out

Understand the Background of R-410A's Price Increase and Shortage Now

Reducing the Risk of Legionella Contamination in Your Building Water Systems

Los Angeles Building Energy Benchmarking Reporting Deadline is July 1

The Trakref Team Celebrates Red Nose Day

Refrigerant Management—What You Need to Know

Scoring, Scoping and Securing Your University on the AASHEE Sustainable Campus Index

5 Cities with June 1st Energy Benchmarking Compliance Deadlines

Our Highlights from the PRSM2017 National Conference

6 U.S. Cities with Building Energy Benchmarking Reporting Deadlines in May

Why We're Looking Forward to the PRSM2017 National Conference

HVAC/R Compliance Presents Opportunity (For You to Find Significant Savings)

Seattle Building Owners: Energy Benchmarking Deadline is April 1st

San Francisco Building Owners: Energy Benchmarking Reports Due April 1st

Since 1990, nearly 8 billion pounds of refrigerant have been vented into our atmosphere— Here’s why

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What’s the carbon footprint from your refrigerant leakage?

Trakref Reveals Updated GreenChill Reporting Service at Push-Button Convenience

Have Refrigeration Systems in California? Key Compliance Reports Due This Week

How green is your college?

5 Things to Know About the Update to EPA Section 608 - New EPA Refrigerant Regulations

Trakref® Customizable Calendars: Compliance Requirements Made Simple

CARB Refrigerant Compliance: Duties, Documents, Deadlines. Oh My!

Discover compliance success for your California building and its HVAC/R assets

A growing number of cities across the U.S. commit to energy benchmarking programs

California's Building-Energy Benchmarking Program Begins January 1

5 questions you should NOT be asking about your HVAC/R and what you should be asking instead

Here’s a speedy and simplified approach to CARB refrigerant reporting

For your convenience: Trakref HVAC/R compliance plans

The absolute best way to prepare for the R-22 phase-out

You Can Avoid the R-22 Refrigerant Crisis

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Announcing a top energy solution of 2016: Trakref

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Take the mystique out of refrigerant compliance

What every college campus needs to know about refrigerant emissions

Trakref Team Visits London

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American Campuses Act on Climate

Bowdoin College Recognized by EPA for Energy Efficiency

Refrigerant Code Changes Conflict With OSHA

G7 vs. Super Pollutants and How Trakref Can Help

Trakref® Celebrates Red Nose Day

Would a Nascar pit crew do your next oil change?

How Software Can Ease The Impact of New Overtime Requirements for HVAC/R

The Cost of Staying Cold

Cap and Trade?

Jimmy Kimmel and the obvious climate conclusion

EPA Publishes New SNAP Program Updates

Earth Day 2016, An Intersection of Opportunties

Trakref® Feature Release Update!

EPA Proposes New Changes for SNAP Program

Hines Receives 2016 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award

trakref® Welcomes Erin Isbell to the team!

trakref® Welcomes Bonnie Smith to the team!

No One Likes to Be Told What to Do...

trakref® Welcomes Bill Buzby

trakref® Welcomes Ryan Reese

trakref® welcomes Eric Chappell

New trakref® platform updates for mobile and desktop!

NOTICE: Scheduled platform maintenance

COP21: Countdown to Paris from UAE [part 3 of 4]

COP21: Countdown to Paris from UAE [Part 2 of 4]

COP21: Countdown to Paris from UAE [Part 1 of 4]

CARB’s Refrigerant Management Program R3 Webinar

How a 90-Year-old Ice cream Company is having an impact on Compliance today.

2015 in Review: EPA Climate Leadership Awards

The Return of California CARB!

India’s HFC Debacle, Ongoing Venting and COP21’s Optimism

Advancing Ozone and Climate Protection Technology and Policy

Greenhouse Gas Goals + New EPA Rules = Game Changer

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Redirect Federal Regulations Toward True Impact Potential

“VW Issues New Promise, Targeting an 80% Reduction in Greenhouse Emissions by 2020.”

EPA Announces HFC Refrigerant Phasedown

Takeaways from FMI's Energy & Store Development Conference

Bloomberg’s “Realistic Goals” and the World Climate Summit

Bowdoin College Recognized by EPA for Energy Efficiency

Nashville: Growth Magnet, Tech Mecca, Coworking Capital

Trakref® at FMI's Energy & Store Development Conference 2015

US Hydrofluorocarbon Coalition Criticizes Chinese Imports

Today is International Ozone Layer Preservation Day

Gulf Cooperation Council Drafts Law for Unified Regulation

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program Leaps Forward

California Air Resources Board Announces F-gas Reduction

EPA Addresses Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard

Hamilton vs. Jefferson: Climate Legislation Strategy 101

Environmental Conference in Abu Dhabi Calls for Sustainability

Ozone Depletion Slowed by Montreal Protocol, Study Shows

Stater Bros. Markets: Taking the Lead with trakref®

Phasing Down HFCs: Amendments to the Montreal Protocol

Follow the Yellow-Brick Revenue Stream to Sustainability

Effective HVAC Management Brings Efficiency, Sustainability

Simplify HVAC Best Practices with trakref®, and Everybody Wins

Trakref® Product Update

Being Green: Sustainability, Business and the Future

Green, Sustainable, Profitable: The Kyoto Protocol, 10 Years On

EPA Issues Final SNAP Rule on Climate-Friendly Refrigerants

Pursuit of Innovation: How a Course Correction Got Me Closer to My Goal 

President Obama Encourages Climate Action in 2015

Environmental Reports Due March 1st

R-22 Phaseout, Part Three: How Can My Business Prepare?

R-22 Phaseout, Part Two: What Does It Mean For My Business?

R-22 Phaseout, Part One: What Does It Mean for the Industry?

It's here: Trakref Refrigerant Management & Compliance Software stands alone

Announcing: Compliance product update to our refrigerant management software