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8 Signs You've Outgrown Excel

June 5, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius


It's Time for a New Compliance Management Solution

It’s time to evaluate your compliance management system: do you have one? If you don’t, are you still using Microsoft Excel? Many do-it-yourselfers have built complex elaborate and amazing spreadsheets; we get to see them all the time. Their can-do spirit tells them: “I can just do all of this in Excel.” But the reality of the ever-changing regulations and the complex patchwork of requirements suggests otherwise.

We can’t tell you how many times someone has told us this, and we get it: Excel is the tried and true system – but it’s not intended for the complicated job that refrigerant management has become. As new regulations come down the pipeline and we’re more concerned than ever with sustainability and environmental protections, you need a solution that does more to help you stay in compliance…

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HVAC/Roundup May 2019

May 23, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius posted in HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, Industry Insights, Refrigerant Compliance, HVAC News Roundups, climate change, refrigerants, Regulation, SNAP, invoicing, best practices, carbon offsets, recycling, HFCs, EIA


Believe it or not, we're getting close to the end of the month. We had a lot to talk about the last few weeks. Let's sum things up...

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The Door is Wide Open & Your Profits are Stepping Out

May 17, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius posted in Facilities Management, HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, Industry Insights, Refrigerant Management, compliance, refrigerants, private governance, Regulation, best practices, HFCs, EIA


Together we lose $27 billion dollars (US) - if you own or manage a building, your share is $6,750/year

We regularly share information about how to better manage refrigerants, we talk about their impact, results from our work, and stories we hear from others. This week we’re reviewing a report by the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency). Yes they are a European environmental group, and their goal of spreading climate change awareness may seem out of touch with the day to day responsibilities of the average building owner/manager in the US. But if you replace the word climate change with lost profit, this story has some revealing results.

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Making an Impact on Refrigerant Emissions: Recycle or Destroy?

May 9, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius posted in Facilities Management, HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, Refrigerant Management, compliance, refrigerants, Regulation, best practices, carbon offsets, recycling, carbon tax


Refrigerants have been identified as the Big Bad when it comes to climate change, and therefore the management of those refrigerants has been widely recognized as the No 1 solution. At trakref we know refrigeration management, so we also know that not all management solutions are created equal.

25 years of results have proven to us that leaks and emissions don’t drop either from recycling or from just hoping people will do the right thing.

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SNAP Rules Struck Down, But States Step Up

April 25, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius posted in Announcements, Facilities Management, HVAC/R, Industry Insights, HVAC News Roundups, Refrigerant Management, compliance, CARB, climate change, refrigerants, private governance, vanderbilt university, Regulation, SNAP


First SNAP Rule 20, Now SNAP Rule 21

As you may recall, we took a close look at SNAP Rule 20 back in November, and how the Mexichem Fluor, Inc., v. EPA decision struck it down, allowing the use of HFC’s previously considered unacceptable.


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