Goals Matter

April 19, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius


Earth Day arrives Monday, a time for reflection on what all of us can do to make a real impact on the world around us. A great time to set some goals, and some people set some pretty big ones.


The Global Cooling Prize is an innovation competition challenging engineers to create climate-friendly residential air-cooling systems. The big picture goal? To solve the climate threat that comes from the growing demand for RACs by creating cooling solutions that will have five time less climate impact than standard units.


This is an enormous goal. Is it achievable?


We certainly hope so. If nothing else, goal making in and of itself provides the motivation to experiment in ways that result in technologies we wouldn’t have imagined were possible.


Like a teenager in the Philippines who around Earth Day last year was recognized for her invention of a revolutionary new kind of air conditioning system. Her initial big goal was to create an eco-friendly oven by creating an “AirDisc” that compresses air molecules to generate heat. But the side effect of that technology was the release of cold air from the system, effectively lowering room temperatures, and creating a completely Freon-free system.


So what about your goals? Are they big and daring, or safe and predictable? Is that question overwhelming? Let’s take a step back.

You have probably heard of SMART Goals – that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

A good goal doesn’t need to be audacious, but rather something that goes beyond your usual formula. One that takes you beyond your standard practice. Simply setting a new achievable goal obligates you to think outside of your usual patterns, therefore bringing you results that are not just the same old thing year after year. Something that will allow you to make a more significant impact on your business, and hopefully the world.


You don’t have to send your CEO to Mars. You can simply do your part. At trakref, our focus is on compliance, sustainability and performance.


What kinds of goals could help you make an impact?

  1. To better understand how many pounds/Kgs of refrigerant you are managing – what types, where it is, and how many systems.
  2. To know how much refrigerant you purchase a year.
  3. To determine your actual leak rate, and how that rate affects your bottom line.
  4. Set a goal leak rate. Odds are, your leak rate is 25% (the industry average). You can do better.
  5. To choose a consistent leak rate formula. Most people are using annualized, but the rolling pounds can be beneficial.
  6. To stay up to date on changes to regulations, and keep your staff trained and certified.
  7. To create an information sharing program to elevate your team.
  8. To replace your obsolete refrigerants to lower your carbon footprint.
  9. To go beyond the invoice. Measure and manage your maintenance on more than just “cold and cheap”.
  10. To use a new tool. Maybe a digital like trakref, an aide that can help guide and support your ambitions!


We can work along with you, and together we can achieve both our goals.



Big things are coming. Next month we will celebrate the first annual “World Refrigeration Day”, and last year was the first annual “World Climate Day”. All of these events bring attention to our shared challenge to reduce refrigerant leaks, and to better manage and industry that struggles to be more than just cold and cheap. 


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