Humiliation vs. Compliance Education:    Rules Change, Why Don’t You?

March 20, 2019 / by Joel Punausuia

Compliance training is an easy, cost-effective way to succeed (and avoid being fined by the government), but many companies fail to invest in it. Would you rather commit to 8 hours of learning or $80,000 in fines? The choice is yours, but we have a feeling you don't know as much as you think. Read on and test your knowledge


Why is compliance training important? It starts with human error. Unfortunately we don't know as much as we think we do. Think about this: can you recall the last time you connected with regulations for refrigeration management? Are you relying on vendors and second hand knowledge? Where did you get your knowledge?


More often than not technicians are trained and rightfully so; however, that doesn't flow down to office staff and managers. It's unfair to leave them guessing the regulations and is a major liability to you.


Why now? Well, because we know you want access all throughout the year and not just a one time session, but we think the better question is this: "why are you not training everyone?"


Plenty of companies have been fined. Not knowing the regulations is an excuse regulators will not accept.


 over 200

onsite audits so far this year 


Action solves problems. The best kind of training is one where you run through scenarios and find out how they apply. Have you run through scenarios? Have you absorbed what it is you've learned and found out how to apply it?


Believe it or not, very little of what the EPA trains on is technical knowledge  (repair methods) and you should be embarrassed when training is only 8 hours to manage such an important requirement and you haven't done it, especially when there's no one on your team to manage requirements appropriately.


For example, one of our large well-established clients who will remain nameless. They manage hundreds of thousands of assets across thousands of locations. With a team size to match, surely there is at least one person on their team who knows EPA regulations, right? Nope, there was no one until this trakref team got involved.


We want to educate you and help you avoid being humiliated. Imagine a regulator serving you a violation notice. You're responsible and your name is on it. That's humiliating and what we're trying to save you from. Not to mention there's no diversity in your employment base if only frontline workers are trained.


Since there's a tendency to train only the frontline, and you think you know everything, why not challenge yourself and your teams with the quizzes below? There's one for owners and service providers. You'll get your results instantly as well as a copy emailed to you. Do you got what it takes? Click the button below and see!



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Trakref is a climate-conscious customersourced environmental management software specializing in compliance and performance. We are also a rules engine, meaning we evolve in real time with the changing regulations. Our whole reason for existing is to keep you compliant. With a mobile application for technicians to record on the go and a simple push-button cloud-based document pool for complete owner portability, we have experts on staff with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Let Trakref make your job easier and handle your HVAC/R systems, tracking and reporting needs with 100 percent compliance guaranteed!


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Joel Punausuia

Written by Joel Punausuia