HVAC/Roundup June 2019

June 20, 2019 / by Jennifer Brosius

We’ve reached summer, and it’s time for another HVAC/Roundup; a look at the topics we found important over the last few weeks - and keep reading to the end for a special announcement:

Colors, Carbon & Class (Part 1 of 3)

Thirty years ago, there were 2 types of refrigerants: low pressure and high pressure. For high pressure there were 3 flavors: R-12, R-502, and R-22. Today there are more than 30 refrigerants, most made of the same 5 or 6 blended in different ratios. AHRI, the EPA, and ASHRAE have worked hard to help sort things out, but it’s still a lot of information to track. We provided a simple-to-use, color-coded Refrigerant Reference Chart that you can use as a reference for the three big issues you need to be aware of.

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8 Signs You've Outgrown Excel

Do you have a compliance management system? Are you still only using Microsoft Excel? Many do-it-yourselfers have built complex elaborate and amazing spreadsheets. Their can-do spirit tells them: “I can just do all of this in Excel.” But the reality of the ever-changing regulations and the complex patchwork of requirements suggests otherwise.

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HVAC/R 101: Where Does My Refrigerant Go?

Did you know that when a technician takes refrigerant from your site to be disposed of, it’s your responsibility both in terms of compliance and stewardship to know where it’s going? Last month we discussed refrigerant recycling vs destruction of ozone depleting CFCs with the conclusion that between the two, destruction is the better option from both an economic and environmentally-sound standpoint. So how does that work?

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Other news trending this past month...

Trakref® Supports World Refrigeration Day

Trakref is marking World Refrigeration Day on June 26th with the webinar Refrigerant Impact Live at 1:00PM CT. This webinar will cover the global warming potential of refrigerants, how much refrigerant the average HVAC system leaks, and the simple things you with refrigeration management can do to lessen the impact of refrigerants on the climate. Click here to register! Keep an eye on the IIR Initiatives page for details on this event, and for more events as they are confirmed.

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EIA Applauds California's HFC Reduction Incentives

The EIA described California’s SB 1013 incentives as “an opportunity to launch a transformative program that can accelerate adoption of the most climate-friendly cooling technologies available.” With the California Cooling Act, users of systems of refrigerant technologies will be able to apply for funding to transition to low GWP alternatives to reduce the pressure of higher upfront costs for adoption compared with HFC systems. This program will also assist businesses in identifying matching funds opportunities from other publicly owned electric and gas utilities.

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Vermont Joins HFC Phase-Down Club

Vermont’s legislature adopted S.30, legislation patterned on laws in place in California and Washington State prohibiting the use of HFC’s in applications where there are safer alternatives. And so the momentum continues in this state-by-state battle against climate change, with the members of the U.S. Climate Alliance expected to follow.

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Jennifer Brosius

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