HVAC/Roundup May 2019

May 23, 2019 / by Ted Atwood & Jennifer Brosius

Believe it or not, we're getting close to the end of the month. We had a lot to talk about the last few weeks. Let's sum things up...

SNAP Rules Struck Down, but States Step Up

SNAP Rules 20 and 21 were both struck down in the past 5 months, which has lit a fire under State legislatures to write their own rules. This developing patchwork of regulations is affecting your ability to stay compliant and reinforcing the importance of good tracking practices and policies.

Since we published our most recent blog on the topic the changes continue.

  • The State of Washington officially passed, and the governor signed, House Bill 1112 phasing out the use of HFC refrigerants.
  • Pennsylvania has been added to the list of states releasing climate action plans, and has joined the bipartisan United States Climate Alliance, a coalition of governors from 23 states and one territory committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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10 Invoicing Mistakes Keeping You from Getting Paid

The invoice is considered a critical piece of communication between service companies, their clients, and their clients’ internal teams. But are you using them wisely? There are a lot of opportunities for errors and omissions that could threaten service companies’ ability to get paid, and the status of their clients’ compliance. Be timely, be thorough, and be crystal clear on the terms. And also consider adding better processes for communication.

At trakref® we review invoices regularly and find unclear terms, missing service details, delayed communications, and misdirected paperwork. We detailed some of the top issues here.

Making an Impact on Refrigerant Emissions: Recycle or Destroy?

There has been a lot of buzz since Project Drawdown named refrigerant management as the No. 1 solution to climate change. The US spends hundreds of millions of dollars on recycling programs, but the math just doesn’t add up, either from an economics standpoint or when you look at how much gas is still getting leaked or vented out into the atmosphere. Destruction is more effective, and different states are trying to map out the best ways to provide financial incentives for businesses to use these programs. But at trakref® we know refrigeration management. Specifically, that we can destroy old caches of virgin gas all day long, but leaks are still allowed under current regulations, providing a constant stream of additional emissions entering the system every single day. Where is your gas going?

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The Door is Wide Open & Your Profits are Stepping Out

Why does the illegal F-Gas trade matter to you in the US? Though their primary focus is on greenhouse gasses and climate change, the EIA’s report does a good job of highlighting weaknesses in the supply chain and how they can ultimately cause your profits to fly out the door. Undermined regulations making compliance a moving target, tariffs increasing the costs of equipment and gasses, labor costs, equipment, costs… Staying informed at every level is essential in keeping control of these costs. We included a link to the EIA report on our blog last week. 

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Other news trending this past month...

Altering Clean Car Rollbacks

The Trump administration had planned to eliminate compliance credits for automakers who install more efficient A/C systems but concerned HVAC/R companies have raised objections. A final ruling is expected this spring or summer.

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F-Gas Black Market

Groups in the EU are continuing to try out different solutions to temper the illegal refrigerant trade. In March an anonymous reporting service was activated, and this month a group has introduced training programs to encourage the use of alternative refrigerants, reducing the demand for those being traded on the black market.

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World Refrigeration Day

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) had put out a call last month for organizations in the HVAC/R market to plan initiatives to mark World Refrigeration Day June 26th. This week they posted their initial list of worldwide events, including one in the US. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is partnering with UN Environment on a webinar called “Refrigerants for Life; how refrigerants affect modern life” from 9AM to 10:30AM 6/26/19. Keep an eye on the IIR Initiatives page for details on this event, and for more events as they are confirmed.

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