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October 9, 2019 / by The Trakref Team

The Trakref Team

It was a busy September at Trakref! We started out in National Refrigerant Week with our grocery and supermarket colleagues at the FMI E+Sd conference, and a couple of weeks later marked Climate Week NYC 2019 hosting a live webinar about blockchain technology and refrigerant management. It’s time for another HVAC/Roundup - our monthly review of the news and topics we found important to HVAC/R and refrigerant management and compliance over the last few weeks.

Blockchain: 10MM lbs Leaked This Week - Climate Week

Refrigerant regulations have been in place for 25 years, but leak rates remain high. For Climate Week NYC 2019 we hosted a webinar based on our latest White Paper Blockchain Impact on GHGs. We took a deep dive into how technology and blockchain processes can help eliminate fraud, improve refrigerant management, and enhance accountability related to the use, handling and end-of life for greenhouse gases. We not only included a link to this new White Paper, but included the Webinar Slides for download as well!

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Secret to SF6 Management

More than 10,000 tons of SF6 are produced per year, mostly used in the electrical transmission industry. What's the secret to managing this affordable, useful greenhouse gas that has such major negative environmental attributes? Traditional cylinder tracking is not able to do the work required to accurately report on leak rates. We’ve included a free White Paper for a deeper dive into the solutions.

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Looking Ahead 10 Years - FMI E+sd

We joined a group of leaders in the grocery industry at an annual gathering of engineers, facilities and design specialists in this community for the The FMI Energy and Store Development Conference (E+Sd). It’s an opportunity to review the past year, plan for the future and to reacquaint each other with projects, perspective, concerns and opportunities. The theme this year was “Breaking Ground and Building Opportunities”. We got to see some great speakers, and had in-depth discussions about how to best handle upcoming HVAC/R regulatory challenges. 

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EPA Settlement: The Gray Areas of Compliance

The EPA entered into a settlement with a grocery company alleging they failed to promptly repair refrigerant leaks and keep adequate records on their refrigeration equipment maintenance and compliance. But the requirements are filled with gray areas that make adhering to them complicated. Why were they fined? How can you better navigate these regulatory gray areas? 

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Other news trending this past month...

EPA Honors GreenChill Participants

You’ve had 2 years to prepare. Are you ready? Effective Jan. 1, 2020 the United States will no longer produce or import the refrigerant chemical HCFC-22 or more commonly as R-22 or Freon.

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23 Tonnes of Illegal HFC Seized in Greece

This latest seizure, the largest since Polish authorities seized 25 tonnes of HFC in April, suggests an increasing crackdown on illegal imports of quota-busting material into the EU, but also demonstrates the scope of the problem. 

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At UN Climate Summit, a lot of talk about action

Though Climate Week NYC 2019 was awash with great ideas and innovations, many found the UN Climate Action Summit held in the same city that week disappointing with nations not making the substantial commitments to action that had been expected.

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The Trakref Team

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