A Quick Rundown of Energy Benchmarking Laws in the United States

July 11, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Facilities Management, CSR & Sustainability


Did you know there are over 30 jurisdictions in the United States with energy benchmarking laws in place?

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What is Refrigerant Management?

May 16, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Refrigerant Management, Industry Insights, CSR & Sustainability


Refrigerant management was recently listed as the #1 solution to global warming in Project Drawdown. This #1 listing took many by surprise and left them asking: What is refrigerant management?

So, here's what it is, and why it's important.

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What to Know About the New EPA Regulations on Refrigerant Leaks

February 14, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Industry Insights, Compliance Reporting, CSR & Sustainability, Refrigerant Compliance, HVAC/R


What are the refrigerant leak rates of your HVAC systems?

25%...? 35%...? 45%...? Or just not sure?

Heads up: You might want to NEED to know your refrigerant leak rates because, on Jan. 1, 2019, the new EPA regulations on refrigerant leaks take effect.  

Is your facility prepared?

Find out in this post, which covers the new (1) lower leak rate thresholds, (2) mandatory leak inspections, (3) verification tests for all EPA 608 appliance types, and (4) reporting requirement for chronically leaking appliances. Get this information as a PDF. 

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3 Big Questions to Ask About CARB's Refrigerant Management Program Enforcement

January 24, 2018 / by Ted Atwood posted in Industry Insights, Compliance Reporting, HVAC/R, Refrigerant Compliance, CSR & Sustainability


Did you know California Air Resources Board (CARB)'s 2016 enforcement report reveals the several penalties that were assessed for its refrigerant management program that year? 
This enforcement report brings 3 important questions front and center: 
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Get Your Records Ready—California Air Resources Board (CARB) Annual Refrigerant Management Reports Due March 1st

January 17, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Compliance Reporting, CSR & Sustainability, HVAC/R, Refrigerant Compliance


California Air Resources Board (CARB) annual refrigerant management reports are due by March 1st. Medium and large facilities are subject to these R3 reporting requirements. [tweet this]


This post will cover,

  • A brief overview of CARB's Refrigerant Management Program (RMP) requirements;
  • How to determine CARB refrigerant registration and reporting applicability;
  • CARB recordkeeping and reporting requirements; and 
  • How Trakref makes CARB reporting easier than ever 
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