EPA Proposes Changes to Key Refrigerant & HVAC/R Requirements

July 31, 2019 / by Ted Atwood posted in Announcements, HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, Refrigerant Compliance, Refrigerant Management, climate change, refrigerants, Regulation, HFCs, emissions, climate leadership, EPA


EPA Proposed Rule tackles HCFCs, compliance reporting, & refrigerant imports

Last week the EPA published a proposed rule signed by Andrew Wheeler specifically addressing regulations on HCFC production and consumption, phase-outs, compliance reporting, labeling, refrigerant imports and destruction. They will be opening for public comment soon on this 165 page collection of regulatory changes, so here are some key takeaways to consider.

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World Refrigeration Day: A look at the numbers in the USA

June 26, 2019 / by Ted Atwood posted in HVAC/R, Refrigerant Compliance, Refrigerant Management, refrigerants, private governance, Regulation, recycling, World Refrigeration Day, emissions

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Today is the first Annual World Refrigeration Day! All around the world, companies, agencies and associations responsible for providing equipment, services, support, R&D, regulations, protocols, policies, safety and health will share their knowledge. The core purpose is bringing recognition to the importance of refrigeration (and HVAC/R), its impact on the world, and plans for the future. 

Our favorite topic is refrigerant and refrigerant management. Each week we talk about leaks, impact, controls, best practices and evolving regulations. So we’re taking today to share some of the statistics that drive us, and our overriding goal of controlling emissions and leaks by building tools, processes and protocols.

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