The Fine Line Between Reckless and Responsible

February 15, 2019 / by Joel Punausuia posted in Facilities Management, HVAC/R, Industry Insights, Refrigerant Compliance, Refrigerant Management, compliance, epa 608, performance

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A lapsed car registration effects everyone  no matter what you drive, whether it is a gas guzzler producing more smog than a Beijing city street or an emissions-free electric vehicle. You can’t go back to the gas station and blame them because you failed to take care of your car. It wasn’t the gas that caused a failure but owner neglect. The same applies to your HVAC/R units, their owners and the contractors that service them. Do you know what you’re responsible for?


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How to Start 2019 Compliant

January 23, 2019 / by Ted Atwood and Joel Punausuia posted in HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, Refrigerant Compliance, HVAC News Roundups, Refrigerant Management, compliance, epa 608, performance



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