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September 11, 2019 / by Ted Atwood posted in HVAC/R, Compliance Reporting, HVAC/R Software, Refrigerant Management, compliance, Regulation, grocery


Where Will HVAC/R Be in 2030?

This week in Dallas, a group of industry leaders assembled to meet and review the past year, to plan for the future and to reacquaint each other with projects, perspective, concerns and opportunities. The Food Marketing Institute is a group of grocery leaders that run the food retail companies all across the US. The Energy and Store Development Conference, known commonly as E+Sd, brings together engineers, facilities and design members of this community. The group of people in this show are responsible for the designs, safety, conditions and quality for every grocer in the US. It’s also important that grocers large and small attend, yet the entire show can be held in one hotel – simply amazing.

Grocery & Supermarket companies are at the heart of most communities. They have an enormous footprint in our neighborhoods, and one of the largest impacts on our economy and environment. Trakref®️ attends because in that one hotel, every year when they get together to talk, they strategize about how to best handle the emerging and challenging set of HVAC/R Regulations that impact every aspect of energy, food quality, storage and safety. It’s the only focused approach. No other group devotes this much attention to the topic, and we are right at the center of issue to share, learn and help guide the discussion about the best path to compliance.

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What is Success if You Don’t Know What’s Expected of You?

March 29, 2019 / by Joel Punausuia posted in Facilities Management, GreenChill, HVAC/R, Industry Insights, Refrigerant Management, climate change, refrigerants, private governance, vanderbilt university, grocery



we interrupt this blog for a brief thank you

Service providers, technicians, contractors, all of you are the front line soldiers on the emissions issue. You are incredibly important and valued. Fixing the refrigerant leaks, spending late nights retrofitting equipment, reclaiming/destroying instead of venting no matter how small an amount. Thank you for everything you do. You matter and things can change. There is hope!


Want to be better? Want to learn how to become the good guy? Read on...

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