Colors, Carbon & Class (Part 1 of 3)

May 31, 2019 / by Ted Atwood posted in Industry Insights, Refrigerant Compliance, Refrigerant Management, compliance, performance, refrigerants, HFCs, reference guide


A Refrigerant Reference Guide

Refrigerants Then

Refrigerants come in all shapes and sizes. Thirty years ago, there were 2 types of refrigerants: low pressure and high pressure. For high pressure there were 3 flavors: R-12 (medium temp refrigeration), R-502 (low temp refrigeration) and R-22 (everything else).

These refrigerants seemed easy, they were cheap, and every supply house had all 3 flavors.  In the back of every service truck there were 3 bottles of refrigerant (green, purple & white) along with a vacuum pump, acetylene torch, tools and something to help move heavy compressors around.  Most service events were referred to as “Gas & Go” and involved very little or no leak checking. But then it became apparent that this less than scientific method to fixing things needed to change - because there was a hole in the ozone.

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