EPA Publishes New Rule on Hydrocarbon Refrigerants in Domestic Fridges and Freezers

August 15, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Refrigerant Management


On August 8, 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program published a new rule—namely, SNAP Rule 22—that modifies use conditions for certain flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants in domestic fridges and freezes. 

Read on to learn the specifics of the changes and what you and your team need to know. 

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How to Calculate Your Refrigerant Charge Guide

August 1, 2018 / by Ted Atwood posted in Facilities Management, HVAC/R, Refrigerant Management

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I’ve found that many in the HVAC/R field are calculating refrigerant charges wrong, particularly when it comes to field-assembled equipment.

So, in this post, which is Part 2 of our 3 Common HVAC Mistakes series, I’d like to explain how to calculate your refrigerant charge properly and plus provide a free quick guide on it. 

Because you, too, could be calculating refrigerant charge incorrectly...

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What is Refrigerant Management?

May 16, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Industry Insights, CSR & Sustainability, Refrigerant Management


Refrigerant management was recently listed as the #1 solution to global warming in Project Drawdown. This #1 listing took many by surprise and left them asking: What is refrigerant management?

So, here's what it is, and why it's important.

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EPA SNAP Publishes New Guidance Document After HFC Court Ruling, So We Have Some Certainty (At Least for a While)

May 2, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Industry Insights, Refrigerant Management


Last Friday, April 27, 2018, the EPA published a notification of guidance and stakeholder meeting concerning the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program, particularly as it pertains to the HFC listings in SNAP Rule 20. 

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Why Are So Few Talking About EPA's Withdrawal of SNAP Rule 22 on Flammable Hydrocarbon Refrigerants?

April 11, 2018 / by Elizabeth Ortlieb posted in Industry Insights, Refrigerant Management


The world of refrigerants is as fast-changing and confusing as ever. We can point to what happened with EPA SNAP Rule 22 as an example along with the fact that few are really talking about its withdrawal. (And, yes, SNAP Rule 22 was a thing and has now been withdrawn.)


On Aug. 8, 2018, the EPA published a Rule 22 Final Notice. In this final notice, the EPA responded to the adverse comments it received on its direct final rule that was withdrawn. 

For more information on this issue, please see our most recent post on this topic. 

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